Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Wordless (Itchy) Wednesday

Taken around midnight last night. This is supposed to be a picture of my rash, but you can just kind of see some faint redness on my neck. If you're not up to date, I bought an awesome-looking necklace and wore it to a wedding on Saturday, and it seems that there was nickel in the necklace because now I have a rash.

This morning. Rash/blisters. Awesome!

I had to cut my face out of this picture because we were playing a game called Who Can Look The Most Like a Russian Hooker, and unfortunately I was really looking a lot like a Russian hooker. Who had seen better days. However, there is the necklace. Nestled in my generous cleavage. I'm sorry. I couldn't resist. And actually, I cut a lot of the cleavage out, too. Hi, Mom! 

Simon, via iPhone's Hipstamatic application, which I am completely enamored with. Thank you to Christina for the download suggestion!


  1. Is there nickel in the necklace? I get the same reaction if I wear certain jewelry. It sucks too because I cant wear certain things that I think are so adorable.

  2. Ooh... I have the same problem with Nickle. It sucks. Love the necklace though.

  3. That rash sucks! Thanks for the pictures of the rash though, you've made my day. =)

  4. Yeah. I can't wear nickel either. And I get itchy, infected pierced ear holes with any kind of earring, pretty much. I know. TMI.

  5. Bummer! It is a really cute necklace. Can you get your money back?

  6. Hi Honey!
    Too bad about the rash and sorry for the hereditary sensitive skin. Only the purest and finest for us!

  7. Yes, I love the hipstamatic pics! I also like the pic of the necklace draped lovingly across the cleavage. But you know me, breast-obsessed. :)

  8. If that's the only place you got the rash, you can try coating the links with clear nail polish. I do that with earrings and bracelets that irritate my skin.

    Also -- I know I told you on Twitter, but try Sween cream. Its over the counter at the pharmacy. (If you can't find any, let me know and I'll mail some to you.) Its great for any kind of skin irritation.

    Nice cleavage! ;)