Thursday, July 01, 2010

Half down, half to go

I have a friend who, every year, acknowledges July 1 as the beginning of the next half of the year.

July 1 is a great time to break out the list of New Year's resolutions and check on their progress, don'tcha think? Unless you haven't made progress? In which case, it's a good day to drink.

As I've mentioned here before, I started the year off with 42 New Year's resolutions. Which is a lot of resolutions. Probably more resolutions than I've ever had. But I started 2010 with a lot of hope, and I still feel it. This year is a good year, even though awful things have happened, too. This year was the year I decided to control my own destiny, instead of letting the world decide for me.

So as I see it, my 42 resolutions fall into four categories:

1) Resolutions that gots to go. Like, get scratched off the list. This is reality-check time. Priorities and desires may have changed. Scratch off what must get scratched off.

2) Resolutions that are DONE and DONE. Oh yeah, baby. That is some good shit.

3) Resolutions that are in progress. These are gonna get done. Oh yeah.

4) Resolutions I need to re-focus on because I've been avoiding them, being the lazy little resolution avoider I am.

And here is how it stacks up.

1) I scratched off six resolutions. This included my resolution to plant a vegetable garden. Heh. Yeah. I am not that ambitious. YET! Maybe some day.

2) I have accomplished NINE of my resolutions already this year. Which is totally awesome. Because usually I accomplish ZERO. Included on this list are quitting my job and starting my book.

3) There are 11 resolutions on the "in progress" list, which is great because these are things that are at least 80% likely to be finished this year. This includes running a 5K and painting a giant bookcase we're still working on. Ugh.

4) Oh, the stuff I kind of forgot about definitely wins this contest. There are 16 items on this list. They include "lose weight" (ha!) and "replace watch batteries." See? There are some easy things on my list, I just need to DO them.

So this means I really have only 27 resolutions left to accomplish. I'm going to try, each week, to accomplish a new one, and then of course I'll be checking back in at the end of year for a roundup tally.

How is your year going? What have you accomplished? Is that an annoying question?


  1. Good luck with your progress. I stopped making resolutions long ago. I always broke them, usually by jan 3rd.

  2. Do you realize that you've almost completed HALF of your resolutions? That's a ton girl! Good job.

  3. I have standing resolutions that I like to think Jan 1 somehow reinvigorates, and sometimes it actually does. But this year I do feel like I've accomplished a lot, but not because of any resolutions per se. Still. An accomplishment is an accomplishment - resolution or not. I think you're on the right track with the lists. Then you hold yourself accountable, no matter what time of year.

  4. I have to say, I can't even remember one of my resolutions or even where I can find my list. I'm going to use I just had a baby card. :)