Monday, July 26, 2010


Today a man is here to do some electrical work, and as usual I am never sure what is enough and what is too much when it comes to Good morning would you like some coffee? Should I have brought in donuts? Should I make banana bread tonight?

Sometimes these guys think they can't use the bathroom and I have to be like You can pee in here. It's OK.

I'm a bit socially awkward.

Part of what we're having done includes replacing all of our light switches with those fancy "rocker" switches that look like this and have a little light in them so you don't break your face trying to find the light switch in the dark.

Which is great, because what we've got going on right now is what was installed during The Great Remodel of 1980, when wood and bronze were in style. I took a couple of photos yesterday so you can fully appreciate just how dated our decor is at the moment. I believe I have answered the burning question of How many bronze switch plates can one house have?!?! The answer: A lot.

Isn't this quaint? This one reminds me of one of our next door neighbor's house in 1986. Those were dark days.

Oh! How adorable. I suppose I could have cleaned this one off before taking a photo of it, but I preferred to demonstrate why metal switch covers are a really stupid idea. It looks like a petri dish of salmonella.

 One word: AWESOME. 

 Ooooh! Old school textured switch cover! Delightful. 

 This is in the front bathroom. There's A LOT of this crap in the front bathroom. 

 For example, this matching outlet cover. It's a beaute. 


Here's a gem! This is in the back bathroom. The whole bathroom looks like this switch cover had sex and gave birth to mutations of itself. It's a real delight.


 One of the offspring. It's an off-kilter towel rack. Some day I am going to kill it. 



  1. I have never thought about the light switches before. We've got some pretty yucky looking ones here too.

    I should get new ones...

    Or not.

  2. Those are real purdy. Real purdy indeed.