Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I'm pretty much at a loss today.

I wrote an entire post about my bed, and how our old bed used to sag in the middle, and how it was given to my husband for free before we married (which: GROSS), and how one time after we got married my husband was sleep talking in the middle of the night, except he was the angriest sleep-talker I'd ever met and he was all:

Why are you smirking at me???? 

Marriage is hard.

I am tired. By the way, I deleted that post about the bed(s).

We have to watch all of Season 3 of Mad Men this week because Season 4 starts on Sunday. And so we watched the first episode of Season 3 last night around midnight and during the On Demand showing, they have these commercials with SPOILERS in them.

Like, hello. If I'm watching Season 3 RIGHT NOW, then obviously I have not SEEN Season 3. Do not tell me what happens in Season 3 and why Betty is so upset, you crap faces.

See? I'm so tired that I'm calling American Movie Classics a crap face. That is sad.

I'm a little annoyed that I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt now. And also Leonardo DiCaprio, actually. After Titanic I wanted to hate him for life, but after Blood Diamond and Departed, I hate myself a little. Because I love him now. No, I haven't seen Inception yet.

The book Born to Run has fooled me into believing that I was actually ... born to run. Or at least walk incredible distances. I haven't run a lick since I read the damn thing, but I think I am going to.

Right now.  


  1. I'm secretly in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt too (although I guess it's not a secret anymore). Have you seen 500 Days of Summer? I've never been able to get on the Leo bandwagon though.

  2. Hmmm. Lots going on here in a small amount of words. I have racing thoughts, so I'm just gonna say a couple... I started netflix again to start watching the tv that I can't afford like stuff on Showtime and HBO. I haven't watched madmen yet. I'm starting Weeds next, and then I think United States of Tara, and then Madmen. Anyway, I have some stuff to say about the bed too, and the running. But I'm done now. Maybe next time.

  3. It makes sense that you love Joseph Gordon-Levitt because weren't you in 10 Things I Hate About You with him? Oh wait, that was Julia Stiles.

    Hm, I wonder can we watch all 3 seasons of Mad Men before Season 4 starts? Hahahahaha. No. Damn.

  4. OBG - I did see 500 Days of Summer, which is when I was persuaded to love JGL. Leo's acting talent is just undeniable...

    FL - Weeds is AWESOME, Mad Men is pretty good.

    Katie - Yes, that was me. ;-) My little round-faced twin.