Monday, June 28, 2010

Thinking cool thoughts

I'm not really feeling it this muggy Monday. I'm out of coffee and hair conditioner and I just drove about 10 miles out of my way to go through a drive-through Starbucks since I hadn't showered yet.

I order "skinny" drinks and the baristas always fuck with me.

So you wanted whole milk, right? 

Why must you mentally torture me before I've even had any coffee?? You could be speaking Martian right now. I would agree to anything right now. Just give me my goddamn coffee.

I've just been un-bookmarked by all the Christians.

Yesterday my husband and I paid $20 to sit in a cool, dark room.

Oh, and there was a terrible movie playing in the room. Half way through Grown Ups, my husband turns to me and says, "I'll never get this time back." And that was funnier than anything in that entire movie. I wish I were exaggerating.

I specifically remember Regis and his wife interviewing Adam Sandler and telling him they'd just seen his movie and that they'd LOVED it.

Why, Regis? Why did you steer me wrong? How can I ever trust you again?

Rotten Tomatoes gives Grown Ups a 9% rating. Which means bad.

Did you ever see Cabin Boy? It came out in 1993. I saw it with my friend, Christie. We may have even walked out on that one, it was so bad. And it gets a 45% rating from Rotten Tomatoes. Which is better than the rating for Grown Ups.

So I'm just saying.

The heat might be making me a little surly. There's one good thing about having an office job, and that is the kick-ass air conditioning.

But there are 4,000 better things about not having an office job.

Toodle-oo, all. Til tomorrow, when it's cooler.


  1. Heat makes me surly too. That's why I never go home to the U.S. during the summer. And if anyone tried to eff with my coffee before my caffeine fix... God help them.

  2. Oh, God, anything Regis recommends I'd avoid like the plague. I cannot stand that man!

  3. But I love Adam Sandler. Why must he make crap movies?

    The heat makes me stabby. Add in no caffeine and I'd cut someone.