Tuesday, June 29, 2010

There's a new sheriff in town

Did you know that they card you now if you are buying compressed air dusters?

You must be of legal age to blow dead skin cells out of your keyboard.

Just kidding. Of course they card now because the kids are inhaling it, like a drug. Which is lame. Like, you couldn't find something lamer to snort up your nose, like Tilex or bleach?

Anyway, now they put a "bittering agent" in these compressed air cans to discourage the snorting of ... whatever the hell is in those cans.

We know this because my husband bought three cans of compressed air last night. And then we snorted the hell out of them.

Kidding! Last night we ate dinner and slipped into a coma while watching Ali from The Bachelorette blink mind-numbingly slowly.

We got the compressed air so we could set up our new Ssscat products, which are designed to scare our cats away from places they're not supposed to go, such as the kitchen counter, by blowing short puffs of air at them when a motion sensor is triggered. So far, Ssscat has blown me in the face about fifteen times, and the cats about three times.

We would have used the compressed air that the company sent to us, except that the cans were completely distorted and wouldn't stand upright. So we took matters into our own hands.

What I really want to do is videotape the cats getting Ssscatted, but so far I've been unsuccessful. I have high hopes, though. Until then, please enjoy this one. The end, with the slow motion, is awesome.


  1. That was priceless. Sneaky gato! Have you tried spray bottles filled with water? We use them here and there; once I sprayed Lewis point blank and yelled "IN YO FACE!!" and then felt horrible. But he's wary of the bottle now, and of walking on the coffee table. Good luck!

  2. Yeah we spray them in the face all the time. It doesn't really work. They will not go to the forbidden area when we're in the room, but if we're out of the room or in some cases just not focused on their actions they will be bad kitties.

    The major offenses include electrical wire gnawing, and sink/counter surfing.

    The wire biting really makes me uncomfortable because they could cause the house to burn down or hurt themselves.

  3. That video was hilarious! Good with your cats. luck

  4. Oh! so funny!!! I nearly cried laughing so hard. I hope you guys catch some mischief in action - I can't wait to see them. I might get one for the Noodle too...