Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Predicted Hangover

So my husband is embarking on a four day, three night trip to Las Vegas with about 10 other guys for our friend Catprick's bachelor party.

My mother says "No comment" when I tell her this. That's what she says when she really has an earful of advice for you but she's being polite and not telling you that your husband should not be going to Las Vegas for three nights for a bachelor party.

My bachelorette party was in Las Vegas. But the thing about girls is .... well I don't know what it is about girls, but they are less inclined to go party in Vegas with their girlfriends than the men are, so there were only a few of us. I hear of very few bachelorette parties in Vegas, but it seems that every single one of my husband's friends has a bachelor party in Vegas or the poor man's Vegas -- Reno.

Your typical Vegas bachelor party trip will last two nights, and what I know about what happens on these trips is that I don't want to know what happens. I trust my husband implicitly, but that being said:


Oh, Catprick. If it weren't almost completely because of your ridiculously motivating speech in January that basically changed my life, I might be angry.

Guess what I watched two-thirds of the other day but then gave up because how long can a movie about a showgirl last?  

Showgirls, starring Saved by the Bell's Elizabeth Berkley. Did you know she goes full monty in that? I bet my husband and all of his buddies have seen it.

Does anyone know how Showgirls ends?

Showgirls sure made me feel good about my husband going to Vegas for four days. And now I'm going to go eat ice cream.


  1. I would have a heart attack and die if Jeremiah were going to Vegas for four days. I'm having chest pains just thinking about it.

    And I would tell you a funny story about Showgirls, but it would probably just depress you more. I keed, I keed.

  2. VEGAS 4 DAYS? Ask Hubs if we could have a report via you what he did those 4 days. Gosh! I haven;t been to Vegas since my 21st birthday.

  3. I would like to think the best of one of my favorite sons-in-law, however, THREE DAYS in Sin City is about 2.5 too many. I have spoken and I am praying :-)

  4. Praying?? Does anyone trust me?


  5. I trust you, BK. I don't know why, maybe I am naive (in that I too implicitly trust my husband), but these sorts of trips have never bothered me. Except that I am without my significant other for an extended period. :) Russell has been to Vegas for more than a week for VMWorld. Granted, not a bachelor party, but still. Footloose and fancy free in Vegas.

    While I contend that your b-party was unfairly tame (and I take responsibility for this), I do think there is something about girls in committed relationships that makes them less inclined to go out and party like (a not nice word to describe girls who party excessively)s. That said, I never understood guys' desire to party like they do at b-parties. But whatever, men are from Mars... right?

  6. B -- I trust you. And while my initial reaction was "FOUR days?! REALLY?" after thinking about it for a minute, I take it back.

    If ALL you're doing is gambling and going to strip clubs, then yes, 4 days is a long time. But there ARE other things to do.

    For example, when my parents took my brother for his 21st birthday (I know, like you can cut loose with mom and dad there), they went dirt bike riding (quads) one afternoon. They set out around 10 a.m. and didn't get back until around 3 p.m. Then they all hit the showers and went out for dinner and did a little gambling. That sounds like a fun day to me!

    If Jason were to go to Vegas for 4 days with his friends, I wouldn't be worried. Honestly. OK, I would be worried just a little bit: He's got HORRIBLE gambling luck. ;)

  7. erin - seriously. How does Showgirls end?
    Trisha - there will definitely be a report. :-)
    Mom - you are funny.
    Husband - everyone trusts you, calm yourself.
    Katie - you are the bomb for organizing my bachelorette trip. Certain women who shall not be named but who convinced me to have my party in Vegas and then bailed out are to blame for any tameness that ensued.
    shell - stay tuned...