Friday, June 18, 2010

Lie in the sun

If you're familiar with the AP Stylebook, you will be familiar with the lay/lie rule, but don't ask me what it is.

I don't know when someone is lying on a bed or laying on a bed. Shall I lay or lie on the bed?

My old journalism professor, Mack, could explain the rule to you very well, and if you are like me, you would then understand it for 30 seconds, but thereafter would have to refer to your AP Stylebook to figure out whether the cats are laying or lying on the bed.

One time, when I was younger, I won an AP Stylebook contest, proving that, at that moment in time, I knew the AP Stylebook rules better than the other 19 college students from California who'd bothered to show up for that particular competition at that year's Intercollegiate Press Association conference.

And then I barfed. Because I was hung over.

I haven't worked in newspapers for five years, so I threw my AP Stylebooks out. This is me basically saying I will not be working in newspapers ever again, unless someone chooses to allow me to write a weekly column about my cats.

And with that, I present more cuteness that will make you want to tear your own eyeballs out, it is just that damn cute. Enjoy. And happy Friday.


  1. Laying,lying?? Fuck it.... I would have gone with 'sleeping on the bed' With everything else in my brain Im fighting to remember.. rules of grammar really dont stand a chance.

  2. A cat can lay on a bed, but it is currently lying on it. Don't ask. Just accept it.

  3. I thought it was: people lie, things lay. Now, whether you consider your cats people is another story...

  4. I'm going to go with "look at those cute kitties reclining on the bed" and avoid the whole lie/lay thing.

  5. Don't feel bad. I was a copy editor at newspapers for 5 years and I STILL have to look that one up every time.

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  7. Who got laid?

    -Your Saca friend

  8. MMH & Dingo: I used to try to avoid lay/lie, but sometimes there's no getting around it!
    Ben: I will never get it. I trust you, though.
    Sarah: Ask Ben. I have no idea what I'm talking about.
    Shell: That just proves the rule is stupid.
    Mary - you're out of your mind! hahahahaaaaaaa...... Also, for all I know, "who got laid" is improper phrasing? Maybe it should be Who got lain? Lied? ;-)

  9. But if you're only "lying" currently, why does the word "laying" even exist?! ARGH!