Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In A Gadda Davida

I took some photos in the garden this afternoon, because I'm totally impressed with my ability to keep some plants alive in the face of sweltering heat. So far. The front yard is a different story. A graveyard of marigolds, I'm afraid.

 My first attempt at tomatoes. So far, so good. 

 Yellow rose. The old lady who lived here before us had a bunch of rose bushes.

 Pink rose. The old lady died, by the way.

 She also had this. I don't know what it is. Honeysuckle?

Hydrangea. Love, love.

And lilies. Which surprised me, because they weren't there last year. Of course, I didn't water last year.


  1. Yellow roses are my favorite rose. All of your flowers are just beautiful. Tomatoes are looking good too. We're having the heat issues here too. Storms and then scorching heat. Doesn't give the ground time to really absorb before its evaporated.

  2. Honeysuckle has little white flowers and are extremely fragrant. Not yellow as far as I know. And tomatoes grow like weeds in the heat if you keep them watered.

  3. Love the hydrangeas! And I'm jealous. Both our front and backyards are wastelands. Jason knocked at least 3 sprinklers off kilter, so even our lawn is dying. AGAIN.

    I think we've gone beyond black thumbs at this point.

  4. Even in the best conditions I can't seem to keep plants alive... You seem to be doing a much better job! Beautiful flowers!

  5. Beautiful flowers!!! Your Backyard must be paradise!!!