Friday, June 04, 2010

Baseboard before and after

Yesterday I sat in the backyard for about 10 hours while my two little buddies nailed baseboard in throughout my whole house. We have been without baseboard for almost two years because we lack ambition and ... yeah that's about it. We're lazy.

Anyway here's what the hallway looked like before baseboard:

And here's what it looked like after.

I am pretty thrilled. I feel like a real girl, in a real house.

And today I moved the queen sized bed out of our living room and into the guest room. Look who's on a roll now!!


  1. Looks nice! Congrats. I know how good it feels to be in a home where it feels like a home and not a habitat. I'd just like to be able to decorate mine now. My house burned in February of last year and it got rebuilt over the summer and I moved back in Aug. 10. The walls are still almost naked and the furniture is basically the bare necessities. No thrills, no frills. I want to totally burglarize Ikea, even though I'd never heard of them in my life until yesterday. Now I'd love to back a moving truck through the front glass and grab as much as I could get before the cops showed up!

  2. Thank you and Oh My God your house burned down? Good grief, that is nuts!! Ikea is so awesome for furnishing on the (relative) cheap. I could get stuck in that place for hours.