Friday, May 14, 2010

The treetops

Our amazing friends John and Christina gave us a large matted photo about, oh, four months ago? We loved it. So much that it sat in the office, unframed, for a few moon cycles.

We FINALLY bought a frame for it, and then I very nervously installed hanging wire on the frame (it's a long, boring story), and now, I would like to present the only actual art hanging on the wall in our house.

But first, may I present you with a before picture. The before picture is very sad. It is simply a fireplace (and yes, I am aware that my fireplace screen is beyond hideous). With bricks that extend allll the way up the wall. We're not the hugest fans of the brick, and included in our upcoming projects for this particular area are a mantel and a new fireplace screen.

And now .... AFTER!

Hot Damn! What is that? Murray wants to know.

Here's a closer look at the photo:

Or if you'd like an even better look at it, take a gander at this link. This and many beautiful photos are available for purchase.


  1. This just underscores the fact that we need to paint that awful brick.

  2. The picture totally brightens up the wall! What's Christina's saying on the picture.

  3. Look at that! We're famous! Thanks, Erin & B!

    Hey, Trisha, to answer your question: "Stretch beyond yourself and toward your neighbor."