Monday, May 03, 2010

Nothing if not introspective

The Circle of Lethargy still has me, I'm afraid. I could sleep til noon every day.

We have decided we watch too much television. We are officially watching television for the sake of watching television. What does one do in the evenings? One eats dinner and watches television. More enterprising and energetic folks probably do the laundry and clean the floors and prepare for the next day.

We are trying to decide: How much TV is too much? What is an appropriate portion for an evening? Which shows do we actually enjoy, and which are just filler?

Have I mentioned that almost everyone I know is pregnant with their second child? When I manage to get pregnant with my first, everyone else's kids will be graduating from high school.

Have you heard that Mr. Rogers is now being blamed for raising a generation of worthless, self-entitled brats? "Experts" would like to rape your warm and fuzzy childhood memories of this grandfatherly storyteller, who, GOD FORBID, told us kids we were special just for being who we were.

Older generations would like you to know: YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL SIMPLY FOR EXISTING. You are actually a worthless narcissist. We would like to kill your dreams now. Now be quiet and go away.

I don't remember Mr. Rogers ever saying: You deserve an A in class because you're special. You don't have to work hard.

If there is a generation of people who believe this, it is not because Mr. Rogers told them that. Get a fricking grip.

By the way, thank you to Jennifer for that link.


  1. Scapegoating Mr. Rogers is just wrong. Kids don't feel entitled because some TV persona -- whom most never met -- told them they were special.

    They feel entitled because of the way their parents raised them. If mommy and daddy always bail you out, then how do you learn to do things yourself?

    (BTW: The Monkey is 1, and he knows the word "no". He's frequently told "Don't touch" and he listens. Amazing!)

  2. Reading that stupid article about Mr. Rogers being to blame for all the self centered, ego centric, entitled little asses that fill the world, just makes me wonder...

    What about all the people like me, and you... that are none of those things, and are responsible, productive, effective members of their community and society? I watched my fair share of Mr R., Sesame Street, The Electric Company and not to forget Villa Alegre... and I have turned out just fine, I mean that's what they tell me at least. Mind you I am not freaking perfect, but I do the best I can with what I have!

    As for the circle of Lethargy... I too can get sucked in to an ebb of un-productiveness and procrastination. I think dabbling in doing nothing-ness is much needed from time to time. I try to stick to an after work exercise, house cleaning schedule... but I have been know to ignore it all and watch a whole season of celebrity rehab. (wow I publicly admitted that) I am sure this will not be the decline of me...nor you! :)