Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Couple little tweaks for the better

So you guys. I am feeling so tech savvy right now because I totally added a navigation bar to my blog today! It's the bar above where you can click on "Diet & Exercise," "Food," "Home & Garden" or "Book Reviews." Those are pretty much the four areas of my life that I spend the most time obsessing about, so I figured I'd link them out and now you can take a look at what I've blogged about over the past four years that pertains to each of those topics.

I plan to continue to focus and expand upon those four those topics as well, so you can expect a number of updates in those categories, including the following:

Under Diet & Exercise, I'm scheming a new diet plan and trying to rev up for a new 5K. I'll let you know how much (if any) weight I manage to lose and detail my exercise tribulations, as usual.

Under "Food," I'll be discussing and photographing meals, the recipes for which I mostly get from the Goddess herself, Martha Stewart. There will be links to recipes, when applicable, and reviews of how the meals went. And, believe me, no one understands better than I the irony of having obsessions with both weight loss and food.

Under Home & Garden, we have a number of new projects coming up at the house that I'll be explaining and photographing, including baseboard, paint, electrical work, furniture refurbishment, a new fireplace mantle, three new doors, plantation shutters, patio furniture, insulation and an A/C unit. God, that sounds like a lot. I'm also tackling the yard, which is sorely lacking in greenery ever since I asked our gardener, Oscar, to rip out several ugly juniper bushes last year.

Under Book Reviews, I'll be reviewing all of the books I read, which is about 1 per week. Right now I am reading "When Food is Love" by Geneen Roth. It's a doozie!

I will be unable to resist a little rambling here and there, and then, of course, the ever-important cat posts. Eventually, when I reach my "unique visitors" goal or my Twitter follower or Facebook fans goals, I will begin video blogging.

So I'm excited, and I hope you are, too! 


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  1. Awesome!!! I'm totally excited about all the good news!!!