Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A character by any other name...

You guys had some terrific ideas for what I should name my characters, so I wanted to share with you all of the suggestions, including a few of my own ideas, and a couple of my comments. I've bolded the names that are serious contenders.

Incidentally, there were about twice as many name suggestions for the male character. I know how it is -- I find it so much easier to think of male names, for some reason.

Without further ado:

Male names:
Charlie (although, in all honesty, I can hardly say Charlie without doing it with a Scottish accent, thanks to So I Married An Axe Murderer, which I've seen about four gajillion times)

Dean (Isn't Tori Spelling's husband's name Dean? Why do I even know that?)
Reed (I can't do Reed because of that one nerdy guy from The Bachelorette, unfortunately. Love the name, though)
Beau Bennett (Thank you, John, for first AND last names! Wow!)
Dylan Thomas
Scout Barnett (SCOUT, no less!)
Brayden Bailey (How's it goin' baby. Mah name's Brayden, but all the ladies call me Double B)
Dylan Scott (Scott's a no-go. A childhood friend of mine's big brother was named Scott and I will NEVER be able to picture anyone other than him as a Scott)
Billy-Bob (Thank you, Kem! LOL)
Decklin (Which is the hillbilly spelling of Declan, FYI)
Rodrigo (Rodrigo! How sexy.)
Everest (I LOVE EVEREST. I am trying to figure out if I can, in all seriousness, call this character Everest.)
Harlan (This is a great name. I attended elementary school with a boy whose last name was Harlan. He tormented me mildly.)
Dallas (This character is from Texas, and Dallas is admittedly one of my own ideas. I'm not sure if this name is too Hey Baby, I'm Dallas. How'd you like to ride this stallion?)

Female names:
Eliesse Phillips (While this is pretty, a friend's baby is named Elise, and I'm afraid no one but that little chub-muffin can be Elise in my brain)
Hayley Ross
Cherie Reid (Intriguing...)
Sierra Johnson (Sierra's a bit too close to a close relative of mine)
Audrey (Another no-go due to acquaintance issues)
Elsbeth (Too close to Elizabeth, my grandma's name)
Kem (She's nothing if not proud of that name of hers!)

Not a single one of the female names are my own ideas. I am sorely hurtin' for ladies' names, ya'll. And I'm also a bit stuck in mah southern accent ever since I wrote what Dirty Brayden Bailey said.

So anyhoo. I'm still working on choosin' the names. I'm inserting the different names into the story to see if it sounds like something a Cherie or a Bennett would do. If you've got any more ideas, toss 'em mah way, hoss!


  1. Just for fun:
    Brock Starlight
    Symphony Follett

  2. Pfffffftttt!!! Oh god. Your mind works in twisted ways, sir.

  3. I like Brock Starlight plenty, but I really think Brock McClain is a winner. That or Brock Lee.


  4. How about a girl's name that sounds nice when spoken in a southern drawl? (And I know I suggested it, but I really like the name Harlan. Add a cowboy hat & boots, and ... MAN. Hotness.)

    ... ANYWAY ... Girl names (trying to give you a mix here):

    Cassandra (Cassie)

  5. You do know who Dylan Thomas is, right?