Monday, April 26, 2010

Carrying on

So, I'm trying to get back on track. I've been out of commission for three weeks, with vacation and then everything with my grandpa.

Vacation and times of crisis are great excuses for eating really poorly and neglecting exercise, which I did for three weeks, and now I feel exhausted and sick. Time to detox.

I missed my 5K. It was on the 17th, two days after my grandpa had passed, and I couldn't do it. Which sucks. But I'm going to pick a new 5K and do it. I've been easily derailed off of goals in the past, and can't let that happen again. Also, this time I will go easy on training and not injure myself beforehand.

I also missed a bachelorette party, which is too bad, but probably for the best. No need to be the girl in the corner, crying into her mojito. I'm trying to re-socialize, get out of my hermit mode. Actually, this is one of my goals this year. I'm a notoriously neglectful friend, and need to change that.

The book was going well, last I checked (ha, ha. I'm hilarious today!). I'd finished outlining and had started listing scenes and chapters. I'm a bit terrified to start writing it, and a bit unfocused. I'm tempted to order Adderall off the Internet. It's an attention-deficit drug that tons of college students are using to pull all-nighters and focus on their projects, per a 60-Minutes episode I watched last night. Tempting, but I'm all talk. Side affects may include psychosis, which sounds like a problem I don't need at the moment.

There are many things that need to get done, and I'm mustering the will to do them now. Organize and focus, organize and focus.

There is a clock over the desk with the words, "God's Timing is Perfect." It is my grandma's old clock, and it's dead, stuck between 2:10 and 2:15.

Must organize and focus.


  1. Your grandpa was the original "Just Do It" guy. He may have even invented that slogal about 80 years ago. I'm sure you must have inherited some of that from him...I can almost hear him now...

  2. Go easy on yourself. You have alot going on. Everything will be there when your ready to begin again. Check out for another 5k. Sending love your way!

  3. Mom - you think Grandpa invented the Nike slogan when he was 10 years old? You crack me up.
    Trisha - thank you for the tip!