Friday, March 19, 2010

One Month of Freedom

Guess what, you guys!

Today, it has been exactly one month since the last day at my old job.

On Tuesday, someone asked me, "And what do you do?" And I said sort of bashfully, "I'm a writer." And they didn't look at me like I was full of crap!

That's the first time I've told a stranger what it is I do all day long -- never mind that no one is actually paying me to do it.

The last month has been absolutely eye-opening. I can't adequately express how much less anxiety I feel on a daily basis. I've concluded that my stress level was way out of whack and not natural. That is, I don't think humans are meant to live with that kind of stress. I believe it kills us.

So, I've summed up what exactly I've been up to in the last 30-odd days, in a tidy little list.

1. I sleep eight hours every night. This is a new thing for me. I LOVE it.

2. I exercise every day. This is also new for me. I do not always love it. But I love how I feel afterward, and I love where it's getting me.

3. I write Monday through Friday, during the same hours that "normal" people go to their jobs.

4. I battle the temptation to surf the Internet, because you guys? There is so much good stuff out there. I really believe there is some wild talent out there, just waiting to be discovered.

5. I make all of my meals at home, every day. This has resulted in the consumption of fruit and vegetables! I feel much healthier.

6. I work on the blog Monday through Friday.

7. I hang out in my backyard when the sun in shining.

8. I take photos of my cats.

9. I thank my lucky stars every day for my awesome husband.

Initially, I was pretty worried that this wasn't going to work out. My main concerns were that I would get really lonely and that I would be a complete failure at writing a novel.

Thankfully, what I've discovered is that I love being alone, for a while. I see other people often enough to satisfy my cravings for company.

And I discovered that, so far, I am not a complete failure. I've found some guidance, and feel like I am on a path that will end with a complete novel. Which is sort of amazing.

Many of the folks who read this blog (there aren't that many, but they are dedicated!) have been extraordinarily supportive. I thrive on the encouragement and am so thankful for it.

I'm looking forward to the next month, hitting more milestones, and finding out more about myself that I didn't know.


  1. I'd like to be the first to say ... Happy Anniversary!

    Here's to freedom, creativity, and following your dreams!

    Another toast to B: For being so freaking supportive and earning the "Super Spouse" title.

    Hope the two of you have a great weekend!

  2. YAY! Happy 1st month!
    Thanks for all the entertaining links, awesome blogs and chuckles along the way! You rock! :)

  3. If you are a district attorney you can say, "Release the crack head."

  4. Thank you M & J!
    John ... words do not describe ...

  5. Congrats! Love this. It's amazing how full life can feel when you enjoy what you do. It's a sign life is on the right path.

  6. You are the bomb! Happy Anniversary and a toast to following your heart

  7. My dear, I praise you all the time! I love this post.