Monday, March 01, 2010

It seemed so delicious at the time

I thought of something last night. It was so brilliant and funny and wonderful, but the thought came to me as I was nestled in my warm bed, my head snuggled into my soft pillow, and I thought to myself, Nah, I don't need to write this down because there is no way I will forget this, even though I kind of knew, deep down, I would forget.

It was probably the most fantastic plot development ever for my book, or maybe the cure for cancer.

I went to sleep thinking about blueberries, not pineapple and baseboard paint photo collage bookcase typewriter cabinet curtains air-conditioning electrician book.

Thoughts become so weird as you're falling asleep, that if you are awakened from that half-sleep state you'll realize, I was just having this weird thought/dream about a ketchup bicycle. It seemed so delicious at the time.

Since I don't work at a "real" job any more, every night I dream about my old job. Don't ask me why; I'm apparently still anxious about it. It's almost time to fertilize the trees, I remember thinking. Check the budget.

Part of me believes I was about a month away from going completely ballistic at that job. Nothing out of the norm was happening. It was the same stuff, every day. Part of me wonders if I would have had a nervous breakdown, anyway, and would have been fired.

I read a book recently that said the term nervous breakdown is just what they used to call depression.

On today's agenda: Try try try to remember brilliant half-sleep thought and hope it wasn't ketchup bicycle. Continue outlining. Yoga. Namaste.


  1. Hahaha! I hate this problem. I once dreamed the names of our children - one boy and one girl - long before I was ever pregnant. In the dream it was such a revelation, "Oh, you're ________!" But I couldn't for the life of me ever remember the boy's name (he was the younger of the two). Now that I've had the boy child and named him, I pray to god it never comes back to me! Hahaha. Or if I do, I hope it was Clark.

  2. I thought for sure I would dream about my old newspaper job after we ditched it. But, I didn't. Not a single one. Until about a year ago. Now I dream about it regularly.
    I still dream about the paper route I had as a kid and a job I had working at a little store I worked at in high school.

  3. Katie - what if it was Ignacius?? ;-)

    John - that is sort of horrifying.