Monday, March 22, 2010

I Am Everyday People


I will be the first to admit I am more than a little wary of the new health care bill, even though I supported it, and I support the President, whom I voted for.

Because I'm aware of our government's many failures and I'm aware that people who live in countries that have universal health care are not always pleased with their coverage.

But the unfortunate truth is that prison inmates -- people who rape, murder, steal, terrorize, and are the general scourge of society -- receive basic health care. Better health care than some families who can't get it through their jobs and can't afford it on their own. Better than some citizens whose pre-existing health problems prevent them from receiving basic health care, because greedy health insurance companies don't want to pay for insulin and heart medication and chemotherapy.

So I'm afraid we have little choice but to support universal health coverage in America. To cry "socialism" and to claim this will further fiscally weaken our country - which it may - is to ignore your friend, your neighbor, your brother, who needs medical coverage. We can continue to allow individualism to rule our thinking. After all, as long as me and my family are covered and happy, who cares whether Stranger Suzy's daughter dies because no hospital will admit her due to lack of insurance? It's surely sad, but doesn't really affect me.

We can continue to think that way, or we can do the right thing and make sure innocent Americans who have not raped, killed, or terrorized others, receive the health care we all deserve. Twenty four percent of Californians do not have health insurance. Tell me that is right. Tell me they don't deserve it as much as prisoners on death row do. Tell me what a better way to fix this problem is.

Opponents of this bill would have you believe that its passage will lead to the demise of this country. Literally, they have said it will ruin this country. My suggestion is to not listen to their messages of fear. As rational beings capable of our own thoughts, I believe we understand this could never lead to our country's downfall. As part of the brotherhood of man, I believe we are obligated to support anything that gives equal rights to all Americans.

Tomorrow: More nonsense.


  1. I've been thinking about a lot of these same issues/ideas in the past 24 hours, but you've articulated them a lot better than I could have. Well done.

  2. Well stated...and I agree!

    My own little tid bit...
    I work for a good company which over the years has always had competitive benefits. For years I have had Kaiser and paid very little monthly, and $5-$10 co-payments. Over the past 5 years the cost of coverage has soared so much that I have to contribute just about 10% of my monthly income to the premium. My employer covers 60%, I cover 40%. Which means between the 2 of us, we are paying in excess of $800.00 a month to insure my husband and I for medical only. Also in these past 5 years my co-pays have grown anywhere from $30 to $100. I now also have to pay $500 for out patient surgery and $400.00 a day for hospitalization. My prescription coverage also took a hit and I am paying over $20 for most things we paid $5.00 for. On top of the financial crap, the actual care I receive now is horrible for the most part. I am just a number in the Kaiser system and they expect me to know their codes and procedures, because they certainly are not going to go out of their way to help me...AND I PAY FOR THIS!
    Anyone that opposes a change in the current health care "system", I say, how could it get any worse for me? Off soap box. Maybe I should start a blog about it! :)

  3. Jennifer - exactly!! Actually, I'm sorry to say I am a new Kaiser member. I'm happy to have coverage but a little nervous about being just another number, as you said.

  4. Kaiser has always been fine for me. The only thing was the hospital being old and ugly. Big deal next time we can go to the new one.

    I have never had problems with payment even when I went to the local hospital in Colorado. The paid that no problem. That fancy Colorado hospital however had an awful accounting department which kept bothering me for payment when they were supposed to contact them directly. Once they called Kaiser bill was paid and no problems. With that said all medical coverage sucks.