Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Five Ws & An H

When I'm in a quandary, I often ask Google what I should do. Dear Google, Why am I so unmotivated today? Dear Google, Why does my shin hurt? Dear Google, What should I make for dinner?

Sometimes Google knows, sometimes Google doesn't know. But as I'm sure you've noticed, when you start to type something in to Google, the search engine will try to guess what your search term is going to be, based on (I presume) the most frequently searched terms.

Which can be a bit surprising. Especially when you're searching for something totally obscure, like "Ostrich feather centerpieces" and Google totally guesses what you were going to type. But often more surprising are the things people are searching for that you never would have guessed.

Below is a list of search terms. I typed in the beginnings of questions, and Google gave me a list of possibilities. The following are the most interesting ones.

Who ... dat?
Who ... is Lady Gaga?
Who is the ... hottest girl in the world?
Who is the ... antichrist?
What ... to do when you're bored
When ... will I die?
When should I give ... up on him?
Where is ... Santa?
Where is ... Tiger Woods?
Where do all my ... socks go?
Why ... are black people so loud?
Why ... can't I own a Canadian?
Why ... is my poop green?
Why is the ... world going to end in 2012?
Why doesn't ... God heal amputees?
Why doesn't ... a duck's quack echo?
Why doesn't ... he like me?
Why can't I ... stop eating?
When did the last ... survivor of the Titanic die?
How ... to kiss
How ... to get a girl to like you

From the looks of it, Google searchers are lonely, slightly racist, and a bit existential. It's kind of amazing what they're hoping Google can answer. Like seriously, how is Google going to know where all of your socks go??

And for the record, a duck's quack does echo.

Also, the "Why can't I own a Canadian" term has its own back story, visit the link if you're interested.


  1. You make me laugh. It is very much appreciated.

    Girl Who Reads Your Blog While Her Three Boys Under The Age of Five Nap

  2. LOL! I do it for fun when I'm bored...It seems google has "All the Answers......"