Monday, January 11, 2010

Thinking Big Even Though It's REALLY BIG

Hubs and I are lucky to have wonderful friends. On Friday night, Christina and John came over for a long planned-for dinner, arms full of gifts: a beautiful photo for our wall, a bottle of wine, two running magazines (for my resolution to run a 5K) and a can of chocolate covered peanuts called "Hubs" (delicious, by the way). And, in true Christina style, she'd brought a list of things she wanted to remember to discuss with me. She was worried she'd forget, since she was exhausted from her new exercise regimen that requires her to get up early and trudge on the treadmill (Clean Slate!).

I don't remember if this was on her list but she mentioned an online class she took called Mondo Beyondo, which was about dreaming big, instead of dreaming "next step." As Christina says, if you set a goal, such as her goal of being Ridiculously Optimistic, what is the worst that could happen? You experience disappointment? Perhaps you'll have better luck next time.

So she has some huge goals and made me feel more ridiculously optimistic about my own huge goals when she admitted that she is not at all certain how to make at least one goal come true this year, given that it appears to be impossible. Because I am not sure how some of my own goals are going to come to fruition. It will take huge strides on my part.

But I'm telling you: There is something about 2010 that is special. This is the year of Getting It Done. Making It Happen. I've lost 4 pounds and feel ridiculously optimistic that it is only the very beginning.

Let's keep this momentum going...

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  1. Seeing my name in your post makes me feel a little bit famous. xo!