Friday, January 01, 2010

MOAM's Best & Worst of 2009

I can scarcely believe an entire year has passed since ... well, since last year ended. It seems like I tossed and turned in bed, woke up, and the whole year was done and over with, leaving me with the taste of corn pone pie in my mouth and feeling a bit like I'd been beaten with a cast iron skillet.

And in reviewing this year's blog posts, what a year it was! Sometimes I feel like nothing is happening in my life and I am a seriously boring person, but in re-reading a year's worth of blog posts, it becomes absolutely apparent that I am a very lucky, busy person who drinks too much wine.

So without further adieu, I give you The Lists:

MOAM's 10 Best Moments of 2009

10.We adopted our precious, furry sons, Simon and Murray. They are only the BEST CATS ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH, even though Simon totally destroyed the Christmas tree, not to mention the curtains and all of our furniture.
9. I got a new site address this year, which was sort of cool. Changing my web address to has brought me exactly zero new readers!
8. My only cousin birthed the most adorable child one could ever hope to meet: Jordan Elizabeth, who shares a middle name with me. Elizabeth is also the name of my grandmother who passed away in late 2008. As 2009 seemed to be the year of happy babies, my friend Diane also gave birth to baby Elise, who seems content to sit and smile.
7. I lost 11.5 pounds on that crazy ass juice diet (which I did in February if you care to look at the archives). I wasn't sure whether to put this item on the "good" or "bad" list, because I promptly gained the weight back. I then lost it again after contracting swine flu, so whatever. Anyway it made for interesting reading, I think.
6. We went to Alcatraz. My aunt and step uncle visited and the family took a boat to the tiny island of Alcatraz in the San Francisco bay.
5. 2009 was the year of home improvements and purchases. We bought a grill, got a new fence, painted the house, got a new fridge, got a new couch, did a little bit of landscaping... Even with all of this having been done, our home is not housewarming party-ready, much to our friends' chagrin.
4. We took a little anniversary trip to Napa in April, drank bountiful amounts of wine, ate delicious food, and rode on the wine train, which: don't bother (with the train, not Napa).
3. We finished cleaning out Hubs grandma's house, a task that we never really thought we would have the will to complete. But after many, many weekends, we did finish, and managed to get it rented out, which means, insanely, that we are landlords.
2. I received my actual college diploma in the mail. Which, pardon my French, holy fucking shit. I never thought that would happen, either.
1. We took our long planned-for two week vacation, driving the Pacific Northwest, and we didn't want to kill each other at the end of it!! We were also lucky enough to take a fantastically relaxing vacation to Maui just last month.

MOAM's 10 Worst Moments of 2009

10. Well, what can I say except that I am still a roly-poly little pastry eater who can't seem to turn down a carbohydrate when it is offered to her. The task of losing weight will again be added to my list of resolutions in 2010, and I think I'm already headed in the right direction, having signed up for some punishing yoga classes.
9. Still stalled at my current job.
8. Swine flu. A month of it. At one point, lying on the couch, I understood how people die of the flu. Being sick for that long is extremely frustrating, and all I had was the flu, not cancer or something serious. But being unable to take care of myself or perform normal household duties or go to work became maddening, to the point where I spent too much time crying in self pity.
7. Something I'd forgotten about until I read about it recently on my own blog -- I spent about a month with a rash all over my body. Didn't know what it was, but it itched like a mofo and then, thankfully, went away.
6. We went to see Ladytron on a school night in the city and they fucking sucked.
5. We ran into a girl at Panera who Hubs "went out with" with like five million years ago. Awk-ward!
4. Some little punks defaced our sidewalk with graffiti.
3. My grandparents' health is declining rapidly. Enough said.
2. Hubs had to have an emergency appendectomy.
1. Our dear friend's father passed away rather suddenly. His death has left a gaping hole in a number of people's lives.

I'm feeling very hopeful about 2010, and I hope that you are, too. I have a very clean-slate feeling right now, and I think this will be the year of Getting It Done. Happy New Year!

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