Friday, January 22, 2010

The Decision Has Been Made

After some wine and tears and discussion last night, I have made up my mind about how to meet my rather hazy resolution of Pursuing My Real Dream in 2010:

I am going to quit.

And write.

I am going to take a leap of faith, take a rather humongous risk, and write.

So that is the plan so far. No timeline yet on when I will be quitting. I want to have all of my ducks lined up first and have a clear vision and plan of what to do before I just up and quit. So, I'm thinking maybe in a few months?

It is a relief to have a plan, however vague, and to know I'll be trying something I know I enjoy and think I might be OK at. It will eventually be a relief to be able to go public, put my name on my blog and not worry about my employer finding it (if they haven't already). Because although I tried not to blog about my job, it's too much of a pain in my ass for me not to. I'm a born kvetcher, if nothing else.

So here goes nothing.