Monday, January 04, 2010

Clean Slate

It is officially the first Monday of the New Year, in addition to being a Monday that starts with an even number in an even-numbered year (fortuitous in my household), which means New Year's Resolutions are in full effect.
No worries, I only have 41 resolutions this year. It's a working list. Some of the items have a question mark next to them. For example, I know I definitely want to run a 5K, and I think a 10K is a good next step after a 5K, so I put, "Run a 10K?"
Oops, I just thought of a 42nd resolution, excuse me a moment while I write it down.
There we go.
So anyway, I've been chanting a mantra for a good two weeks now, it's my New Year's motto: Clean Slate. I feel unusually optimistic about 2010. It's a new opportunity to set goals and accomplish things and then look back later and say, "Holy hell! I actually got something done."
So when someone asks me if I've set New Year's resolutions, my answer is something like, "Oh, yes. Clean slate."
During parties over the holidays, I enjoyed many a food item that is not on my 2010 Food Plan, and I excused this behavior with the explanation: "2010 -- Clean Slate."
And I really mean it. I am over myself. Meaning I am over making excuses for myself. Everyone has stress in their lives or even has to bury family members -- it's something everyone has to do eventually. It doesn't help me or anyone to allow these kinds of things to completely derail me.
So: Clean slate.
Say it to yourself enough times and you might start to believe it, too.
Clean slate.
Maybe say it with a "superstar" knee bend and both hands jazzy in the air: "CLEAN SLATE!"

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