Tuesday, December 08, 2009

New discoveries this week

1. Moose munch with cranberries. Tasty.
2. According to conventional sizing charts, my boobs are one size larger than I thought they were, which means they are roughly equivalent to the size of watermelons.
3. It's never too cold to buy a bathing suit.
4. Cafe Pro Bono in Palo Alto. May I recommend the ravioli appetizer with the gorgonzola almond crack cocaine sauce?
5. Yoga is hard.
6. "Outlander." Which is kind of good if you don't mind rambling Scottish epic novels with typos in them.
7. 2005 Sanctuary Pinot Noir. Thank me later.
8. Searchable online coupons, which could have been saving me money for years.
9. Santa hats for cats.

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