Monday, November 02, 2009


Halloween this year was very tame. We carved pumpkins and gave handfuls of candy to the few trick-or-treaters who came by. The weekend overall was mellow. We did buy a sectional couch on Sunday in what was essentially a hit-and-run couch purchase at Macy's. Hubs hates shopping with a passion, so my technique when I take him shopping with me is what can best be described as smash-and-grab. Shopping around be damned. So we went to only one store -- Macy's -- sat on every sectional they had, chose the most comfortable one, and left. It may take a few months to be delivered to us since a portion of it had to be special ordered. Anyway the couch was hella comfortable so I feel pretty good about the buy.

Below -- a couple of photos from the weekend. Murray & Simon mixin' it up and our jack-o-lanterns. I carved the skeleton head and my 5-year-old monkey carved the other one.


  1. Your cats look like a couple of teenagers who you caught in bed.

  2. hahaha... I know! They were actually fighting.

  3. Pumpkins look scarier when they're kinda fucked up looking!