Sunday, November 29, 2009

Corn. With Pone. In a Pie.

Well here's the deal. I made the corn pone pie, under a bit of duress. My grandfather was ordering me to "get out the clacker" (long story) so I could sweep the dining room, shortly after which my aunt arrived, full turkey dinner in tow, and already a bit freaked out about ... well. It's Thanksgiving. With bossy elderly types. That's pretty much enough, I guess.

My parents arrived in time for my mom to diffuse some of the anxiety, and suffice to say that it's just lucky I remembered to put the cheese in the corn pone pie. I did not, however, remember to season it at all, which wasn't disastrous, but made for a slightly underwhelming CPP experience. And actually, I'm thinking the recipe needs refining, anyway. I mean, seriously. Fifteen crushed saltine crackers? Can we maybe substitute a cup of breadcrumbs??

So I'll work on that in 2010 and letcha know how it goes.

For now, THANK GOD Thanksgiving is over.

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