Tuesday, November 03, 2009

And so it begins. Again.

I'm on my second day of a less-sodium, more exercise lifestyle. I wasn't sure I'd make it through Day 1, so didn't want to blog about it until today.

So far, cutting out salt kind of blows. As we know, I can eat unlimited amounts of fruit, vegetables, and mustard in my crusade to lower my blood pressure. So that's about what I'm eating. Yesterday I used lemon juice in lieu of salt whilst making dinner, and it sufficed, although it was a bit tart.

And last night after work, I went to the gym for the first time in months. I eeked out half an hour of cardio in what has to have been one of the most disgraceful displays of a person attempting to exercise that I, personally, have ever seen. During the last seven minutes, I just had to close my eyes and think about cupcakes. It was pathetic.

This morning was the Annual Drawing of the Blood, and because my doctor likes to check for everything under the sun, the tech had to draw 8 vials and my hand started to fall asleep before he was through. For the record, I go to a great place with a guy who manages to draw blood without you even realizing there's a needle in your arm, in case you're needing your blood drawn in San Jose. Lemme know.

Then I had to pee in a cup, which is totally my fave. I'd juiced up ahead of time to be sure there was plenty of "sample" up in my business. And there was. I peed in the cup, I peed on the outside of the cup, I peed on my hand. What can you do? It's a tricky business, filling a tiny cup with urine when you're a chick. Plus, I wore nylons today. Which -- poor planning? You bet.

But? I won the pee contest. Which is to say, you know how when you are supplying urine at a medical office, and there are already a few moist "samples" sitting in a basket behind the toilet? Yeah, you know. I like to compare my own urine sample to the samples already sitting there, and today? I won. My sample went nearly to the top of the cup and was a nice, healthy color. There were two other samples there, both of which were pretty pathetic, in my opinion. One of them had literally like a fingernail's worth of sample at the bottom of the cup.

I'll find out the results in a couple of weeks when I visit the doctor next, and in the meantime, I'll be avoiding salt and attempting to conquer the stair machine.


  1. This is my crusade for my hubbs. The man would be happy with a salt lick and beef jerky for the rest of his life, I kid you not.

    One thing you can try instead of salt is garlic powder (if you like garlic.) For a good veggie dish, try swiss chard chopped up and saute with fresh garlic, a teensy bit of olive oil, black pepper, and garlic powder. When its wilted, toss in some red wine vinegar (stand back and don't breathe it in!). Its rather good.

    Also? Roasting. Butternut squash with OJ and a bit of unsalted butter is good.

    Good luck and keep it up!

  2. Oh, my gosh. I can't believe you took a picture of the urine samples. Did your cup overfloweth and you peed on your hand because it was still numb from the blood draw and you didn't realize how fast it was filling? I just feel like I have so many questions.

  3. Michelle - thank you! I'll have to try your suggestions. Faith - girl, I know you've given urine samples. What are you, some kind of pro at that? I peed on my hand because it's fricking hard to pee in a cup while you're wrasslin' with your nylons! Thankfully the cup didn't overflow (eeeww).