Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Writer's block

I am totally blocked about what to write on the blog this week.

So I'm gonna tell you about my day.

Today I overslept. Again. The cats sat in the bathroom sink and watched me get ready. I put on a new sweater made out of some kind of demonic material that seems to just melt all over everything and get stuck in my lip balm, nostrils and eyeballs. I knew I should have stuck to good ol' cotton.

I had to chase after one of our leasing reps, who was taking stairs four at a time, literally, and didn't seem to notice that his 7-foot-tall normal gait equalled me in a full sprint.

I returned to the office, sweaty and disheveled, since it's also windy as fuck outside today and my hair is now pointing north, south, east and west.

I listened to a message from Hubs, who wanted me to know he's feeling very free in his new boxer shorts.

I started my period. JOY. Nothing I enjoy better than fricking period cramps while I'm doing financial reports. Just kill me now.

It's picture day at work. We're all taking photos so they can load them into our online corporate directory and people in Chicago can laugh at us. There could not have been more fluorescent lighting in the picture room. I look like a bloated H1N1 patient.

And now for the rest of the day I will continue to pick sweater hairs out of my eyeballs and stoically suffer my Red Tent pains while poring over financial reports that have to be read with a magnifying glass, the print is so small.

Fascinating, no?! Perhaps tomorrow I'll be less blocked.

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