Thursday, October 08, 2009

Dead animals = a laugh riot!

I was reading this morning that someone left a dead dear that was dressed up as a clown, with a wig on it, on someone's porch. Call me morbid, but this struck my funny bone. There's something, just... hilarious about the thought of someone going to the trouble of dressing a dead animal in a clown outfit and then leaving it on someone's porch as a joke. Make no mistake about it -- if someone did this to me, I would be livid. But when it happens to other people, it's just hysterical!

It reminded me of a story from my Sonora days (not one I wrote, just one that happened) in which someone threw a decapitated, rotting horse head into a crowded Taco Bell, yelled "Woohoo!" and ran off, never to be found. The horse head hit a customer in the leg and all of the horse's teeth fell out. Again, morbid, but hilarious!

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  1. The horse story is awesome. The deer is kinda freaky. I read that on Thursday too and was slightly amused, although a bit disgusted.