Thursday, October 22, 2009

As I suspected

There is this study out that shows women are becoming more unhappy, while men are becoming happier. Worse, as women get older, they become more unhappy. Experts claim this is because there are too many important demands in our lives. Education, work, looking good, having the perfect house, feeding your family, raising your children.

"...the one thing in life that will make you less happy in life is having children," this article actually quotes some assistant professor as saying.

Men, the article says, are feeling happier now that the full burden of financially supporting their household does not fall solely on them. Also, they are allowed to age gracefully and seem to have their choice of women, while women are expected to botox themselves to the gills to stay as youthful-looking as possible, as long as possible.

I really see only a few solutions to this problem.

1) I won't have kids, after all. The problem with this scenario is the huge-normous guilt trip that would be visited upon us until the end of time by our families who are dying, and I mean DYING, for grandbabies.

2) We will have to win the lottery.

3) I will simply have to quit my job. This will happen. Eventually. Before I attempt to rob a bank in order to hire a personal assistant (did I ever tell you about my bank-robbing fantasy? Hmm. Two birds, one stone, maybe).


  1. You totally could have removed the bed from your living room in the time it took you to write this.

  2. Them's fightin' words, John! Besides which, I write my posts from work. :-)