Friday, August 21, 2009

Three things + 1 admission of guilt

So remember how I kvetched endlessly about Starbucks and how they were jacking up my drinks and how I was tired of paying an arm and a leg for a cup of skim milk with a couple shots of espresso in it and I was never, ever going to go back there? Well. That lasted a couple of weeks, until I got tired of making my own coffee and drinking subpar coffee from other stores. I returned to the Starbucks I'd been frequenting and to date, they have not jacked up my drink again. For the record, I am still tired of paying an arm and a leg for my beverage.

Anyway I had to admit that because I am listing three observations this morning, and one of them involves Starbucks.

1. I was staring longingly at the croissants and muffins in the glass case at Starbucks, and as I stepped forward to drop diamonds into the cashier's palm in exchange for my latte, he said, "I saw you looking at them. You've touched them with your eyes, now you have to get one." It struck me as funny. I didn't get one because I haven't eaten a bad carb all week and I'm not about to start today.

2. The garage stairwell smelled like that Esprit perfume that all the girls used to wear when I was in junior high. What the hell was that stuff called? Anyway, it was a welcome change from how it normally smells, which is like cigarettes and farts.

3. I saw the Esprit perfume-wearing culprit walking toward the entrance to my office building. She performed a small ballet twirl and then entered the building. I took it as a good sign.

Happy Friday.

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