Thursday, August 06, 2009


Did you know that at toll bridges in Washington, you can pay with a credit card? And yet, here in the purported aorta of all that is technologically advanced, you can pay with cash or a fasttrack card. We found this out the hard way coming back across the Golden Gate Bridge -- $5.25 won't cut it for the bridge toll, it's got to be $6. There's no amount of bowing, scraping or check-writing that will get you through. We were ticketed.

The Tacoma Something or Other Bridge, I believe.

I decided I could live in Seattle and not just because I've read too many Tom Robbins novels and have some romantic/perverted idea of what Seattle is. Although that could be part of it. Seattle is like SF except cleaner and friendlier.

When you go to Seattle, all anyone wants to know is "Did you see the Space Needle?" Yes. There it is.

This bathroom at Hotel Max was severely irritating in its smallness & impracticality. Where the fuck am I supposed to put my truckload of toiletries?

Hotel Max thinks it is very clever.

Here's what all the fuss is about: Pike's Place Market. This place is pretty amazing as far as fresh food and flowers is concerned.

Where we enjoyed a fantastic four course meal with wine pairings. This restaurant is called "Crush," it's in a house in a residential area of Seattle. We highly recommend it.

Tomorrw: The Willamette Valley.

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