Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello, Kitty

This morning I called Hubs while I was at work and he was still at home, getting ready for work. I had a question about something or the other, and when we were finished discussing that, he says, "Do the kitties want to say hi to mommy?"
Yes, this is what we've become. We refer to each other as mommy and daddy to our cats, for godssakes.
"Say hi to the kitties."
"Hi kitties! How are my babies?? Hellooooo?"
Intervene cube mate: "You are not seriously talking to your cats right now."
Hubs: "Talk to them! They like it!"
"Kitties? Hello, kitties!"
*silence on the other end of the phone*
*disturbed head shaking from cube mate*
"They like it! Murray held his paw out toward the phone! I think they know it's you."
So there you have it. Wednesday morning phone chat with my cats and something that will take me a while to live down with my co-workers.

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  1. Wasn't it the Husband who never wanted you to get a kitten in the first place? Ha, husband's are so silly.