Wednesday, August 05, 2009

And then

We left Crater Lake, stopping for a picture next to some snow.

We were impressed with how long and straight the road north was.

Our accommodations in Portland were just slightly better than those near Crater Lake.

We noted that Portland is overrun with hippies, and we even saw a girl walking through downtown at about 4 in the afternoon, smoking a joint.

We enjoyed a very yummy dinner at the Heathmann Restaurant & Bar, where we had delicious crab cakes and cocktails to start. Hubs had a smoky martini and I had a bellini. We ordered a bottle of chardonnay, and Hubs had French onion soup and quail & scallops. I had chicken minestrone soup and sole florentine. We shared a dessert of bread pudding. Hubs had port and I had dessert wine. It was a glutton's feast and we were mighty sorry for it afterward, given our aching tummies.

Some bridge. That is the Willamette River.

And then, on our way out of Portland, we were rear-ended in Lacey, WA. It wasn't a huge deal, just a tap on the back by a brand new Prius driven by an elderly man with Parkinson's Disease who'd spilled a milkshake all over himself and was on his way to see his wife in the hospital, who had just had a heart attack. We felt terrible for the guy. The damage was minor, but enough that we're getting a new bumper.

After a lengthy drive, we arrived in Port Angeles, where my cousin lives with her husband and two children.

The view of the port from our hotel room.

As it happens, my cousin's 5-month old baby, Jordan, is the cutest thing Port Angeles has ever seen. Trust me on this.

Sweet Jordan

While in Port Angeles, we went to an Indian casino. Hubs won a little cash. I drank a dirty martini. We all went to a bar after that and drank a little more, maybe too much.

The next morning, Hubs got picked up on by a gay man in a restaurant, while I was sitting with him. Which is pretty impressive.

That afternoon Hubs went tubing for the first time at a lake near Port Angeles.

Rough life

More tomorrow!

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