Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Ok so yesterday I had a moment with the blog, one of those moments where my stomach dropped and my mouth got kind of dry and my heart started thumping and here's why. I use this thingy called Bravenet. It tells me how many people visited my blog that day and how they found the blog. Lots of times I can see what the search terms are, and I'm often amused when someone stumbles across my blog after googling "You talk too much," or "Bananas and oranges" or something random like that.

Yesterday someone found my blog by searching using the following terms: My first name, my maiden name, and my last name.

Now. The reason this is disturbing is that I have never, ever put my real name, much less my real first, maiden and last names, on the blog settings. Therefore, when someone searches using those terms, it should never, ever pop up in the google results. It was important to me to never, ever be associated with this blog because A) I blog about people who I never, ever want to see this site and B) yeah that's about all. I could be fired, etc.

So before I go any further let me just ask right now: If you happen to have searched using those specific terms yesterday, and you are a friend of mine, please let me know that it was you and not, say, my boss. I don't care what terms people use to find this blog, and frankly it's my own damn fault for not completely covering my ass when I created this thing a few years ago. I have an inkling of how this association is happening, and I'm figuring out how to do away with it.

Anyway, if I don't hear from the person who used these search terms within about 24 hours, I am considering shutting the blog down, at least temporarily. Which would bum me out. But I'm not currently willing to risk certain people knowing about this blog without some major editing taking place.

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  1. Hmm, I hate moments where your heart might fall out of your butt. The only name I know you by is S that D. Sorry.