Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Me = Huge Asshole

So you've seen those Southwest Airlines commercials where some dumb jackass does something stupid -- like, there's one where a guy throws something at his friend's TV, breaking it, and then the TV falls off the wall and into a fish tank? And then a voice asks, "Want to get away?"

So I am totally having one of those moments today, and unfortunately, I am the dumb jackass.

I came into work and a co-worker tells me immediately, "We are so busted."

See, here's what happened. We were in the bathroom one day, which seemed empty and safe to talk smack about other people in. So we did. Specifically, a person with whom we work and whom I shall refer to as "the offendee." What I said doesn't really matter, only that it was offensive and demeaning to this particular person.

So, the bathroom has an adjoining locker room. Which the offendee was in while I was saying this.

Which means I AM A HUGE ASSHOLE.

I want to get away.

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