Thursday, July 02, 2009

ISFJ seeks vat of lasagna and strong glass of wine

I took a personality test that's supposed to be based on the Jung-Meyers-Briggs personality test. I think it was 72 questions long, and why shouldn't a 72-question test be able to tell you every detail about yourself and be 100% correct? Well, I'll tell you: Because the second time I took the test, I got a different score. Which is retarded, because the first time I took the test, the results were SPOT ON. I read the description of the ISFJ personality type and I was like...

- A need to be needed: CHECK!

- Unappreciated: CHECK!

-Loyal: CHECK!

- Bad delegator: CHECK!

- Good memory, patient, sympathetic, uncomfortable in supervisory role, can't hide emotions: CHECK to the power of 5!

Hubs agrees it described me to a T. He took the test, too, scoring the complete opposite personality type as me, which is, as you might guess, complementary for us. He's one of these outgoing types with charisma who should be managing a team of ISFJs.

Things aren't always coming up roses in our household, as he doesn't understand my silence at times and I don't understand his restlessness. He's got too many friends for my ISFJ-ness, and I probably drive him nuts when all I want to do is hunker down indoors on a weekend and curl up with a good book.

So, yeah. It's a damn good thing I married this guy because if I didn't, I'd have practically no friends. He's the outgoing one who's constantly keeping in touch with his friends, I'm the out-of-touch one who all but forgets she has a cell phone. I have these morbid fantasies in which Hubs dies and all of our friends eventually stop calling me because I never return their calls.

So thankfully, Hubs is still alive, albeit appendix-free, and our friends have invited us to enjoy fireworks with them this weekend. I'm thankful for him and them, just happy to be one of those sucker fish on the shark, snatching up the scraps of food quietly.

Enjoy the fireworks and I'll be back for more ramblings on Monday...

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