Thursday, July 16, 2009

Asshole Rehab

Hello, 15th straight hour of my splitting headache! Why does Excedrin not work on you?

I think that me stressing about my faux pas yesterday gave me a headache. That doesn't want to go away. I've got one eye practically squinted closed and I'm hunkering down, away from the noise of the office.

I ended up giving the offendee an apology card. I don't expect that she'll say or do anything about it, but I hope she feels at least a little better about all of the asshole-y things I said in the bathroom. *sigh*

My cohort decided she's going to ignore the situation altogether, although believe me, she said some messed up shit, too. But maybe she's more willing to accept the fact that the offendee will probably hate us forever, regardless of apology cards and the like.

Which, by the way, didn't there used to be apology cards in the card section of the store? I went to Target at lunch yesterday in search of the "Sorry I talked shit about you and you heard it" section, but the closest they've got is Sympathy and Thinking of You. I swear there used to be "I'm sorry" cards. I mean, haven't you ever wanted to send a "Sorry I was such a douche" apology card to someone? I envisioned finding a really funny card, with maybe a drawing of a cartoon animal putting its foot in its mouth or something. But I came up dry. What the fuck.

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