Monday, June 01, 2009

I am being punished

It's Monday morning. I am lying in bed. We can hear the garbage trucks outside.

I lie in bed, thinking of the day ahead. I stretch. I realize mid-stretch I have injured myself. I curse silently. I wonder if I should unstretch to determine the extent of my injuries. I do. It is bad. I am immobilized. Pain shoots from the area where my left shoulder meets my neck.

"Oh fuckers," I say. "I fucked up my neck. Fuckers!"

I laid there for a while, feeling sorry for myself, knowing I have a lot of hours to put in at work and that it will be made all the worse by the literal pain in my neck.

I eventually rolled myself out of bed and made it to the shower. Washing my hair brushing my teeth proved to be surprisingly painful. Driving to work was like driving a devil with a dagger in the backseat. The un-ergonomic structure of my workspace in the office is particularly noticeable today.

It's difficult to focus. It's difficult to speak in my normal tone of voice. I've taken on more of a high-pitched, strained tone. I've popped pain pills, which have been largely ineffective.

I thought about how I am super whiny and how this is probably punishment for all of my personality flaws. Karma, she has her ways.

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