Friday, June 26, 2009

Gilligan finds a nice home

My sister and her husband adopted a chihuahua named Gilligan from their local humane society a few days ago. Although he's only 6 months old, he's pretty chill. He doesn't like dudes, like, at all, but will readily hop into your lap if you're female.

Gilligan balancing a cork on top of his head.

Gilligan's best impression of Gizmo. With a cork on his head.

Gilligan seemed to enjoy being wedged between two sisters' thighs. That's what she said!

Gilligan's one show of affection for his male owner


  1. The Dog Whisperer only got bitten twice in the first 2 seasons, and both times it was by a CHihuahua. A very opinionated breed.

  2. I'm personally quite mystified by this dog. It seems to be narcoleptic.