Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Born again blogger

Praise be, someone wrote the exact things I was thinking but didn't know I was thinking!

Because something is happening in the blogging world, and I can't put my finger on it, I just know that several bloggers have gone the way of the dodo. I don't know why. I'm not sure if it's a trend. I'm not sure if, very soon, I will be one of a few dinosaurs who still blogs and the kids will look upon us and smirk because what sort of strange person publishes the intimate details of their life on the Internet?

But reading this post was like playing Magna Doodle. I've had my magnetic pen, writing in my brain all of the reasons why I continue to blog, what I should blog about, where I am going with this, etc. And reading that post was like taking that demagnetizing swipey thing and brushing it back and forth across the surface. It was a clouds-parting-and-light-shining-down moment for me. Because I lost sight of why I was doing this. I used to do it for me. And after a while, I was doing it because I'd been doing it for so long that I couldn't just stop. I wanted more readers, for whatever reason, and I wrote about things I couldn't care less about to make that happen, and now half the hits I get every day are from people searching using those terms, and that's not what I want.

So I'm having a back-to-basics moment. Go back to why you started doing this. Because it's a creative outlet and you enjoy it. I don't care if I never get any new readers. I hereby swear to never write about shitty things I'm not actually that interested in just because it'll get more hits. I don't work for a newspaper anymore -- I'm not reporting the damn news.

But I will warn you, if you read this on any kind of regular basis: I do swear to be honest and be me, and write about things I care about and want to share. I may overshare. I will probably continue to swear too much. I might write about the bushes in front of my house. In fact, I promise I will write about the bushes in front of my house. It won't always be the most stimulating stuff. But that's me.


  1. Just wanted to chime in here... I read your blog because I grew up in the Silicon Valley and reading about the things you do, the places you go... well, it doesn't exactly help the homesickness, but it helps me feel connected, still. Thanks for being real... and for going to the trouble of posting so often.

  2. I like the stuff that's just "you".
    I blame facebook for the recent decrease in bloggers. People say they get more feedback from more people if they just do it that way. But I like the blogs, even if no one reads it.
    One of my teachers said to me once, if I don't learn the discipline to write, I will be 40 years old and all I will be able to do is cry. I'm not sure what that says about how he sees me, but writing certainly does help relieve the pressure of thoughts running around in my head. Even if no one reads them.