Monday, June 08, 2009

All Porked Out

Meet Porkfest mascot Chancho.

It ain't call Porkfest for nothin'

The spot where Hubs and I got engaged. It's on the way to Porkfest.

A lovely sunset

More loveliness

There is a gorgeous beach across from the campground
Lots of stairs to the beach

Chancho surveys the campsite.

Just a lovely photo. All the best ones were taken by Hubs.

Something unexpected happened during the camping trip, and I didn't realize it until the whole thing was over: I stepped outside of my bubble and focused on camping and didn't think once about the things that stress me out on a daily basis. There is something about camping that is distracting enough to make me forget about the stressful things in my life.

Hubs swears he and I both simply look healthier after this short trip. Maybe it's the light sunburns, or maybe it was breathing fresh air and forgetting about real life.
That said, camping is still a pain in the ass. Ha! I enjoyed the parts where we lounged on the gorgeous beach that was right across the street, and ate copious amounts of pork and roasted marshmallows and simply sat around talking and drinking beer and poking the fire. I am still trying to decide if all of these enjoyable things outweigh the fact that there were no showers, the toilets sucked, and that sleeping in a tent is akin to torture for me.


So at any rate, the weather was gorgeous and I'd say we really enjoyed ourselves! We took tons of photos and I've published some here for your enjoyment.

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