Monday, May 04, 2009

Scumps, scumps, a toast to this night!

Golfing Friday was pure hilarity, if you consider drunk grownups attempting to golf in the rain hilarious. I'd stolen Hubs' windbreaker and wrapped myself up like a burrito before heading out on the course, driver held threateningly in both hands. Here are the drinks I remember drinking: 1 beer, 1 rum punch, 1 rum cider, 1 shot of pineapple infused vodka & 1 glass of wine. At one point my team posed with a larger-than-life statue of Captain Morgan. Throughout the day we referred to one male member of our team as "Nancy." My partner and I spoke in British accents for about four hours, probably causing our invitees to swear never to invite us to another event. We also swore our undying love to each other. We ate dinner and at one point I was utterly baffled by a large pan of mashed potatoes, as if I'd never seen nor eaten such things in my life.

I popped Excedrin and a gallon of water when I got home and slept it off, awaking fresh and read to repeat. Which I did! That evening, following dinner at Casa Lupe, Hubs and I threw our own intimate party, which included one bottle of Kalyra Riesling (delicious) and one bottle of Alpen Cellars Gewurztraminer (also delicious), and a few hours of Rock Band. I'd also had a glass of sangria at CL. I mostly sang and Hubs mostly played guitar. We are pretty much rock stars. We should probably buy curtains.

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