Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh, the horror!

I know this is still along the lines of "I ate a chicken sandwich and I shouldn't be telling you this boring shit" but ...

Would you like to know what I ate yesterday? Here it is:

-granola bar
-nonfat latte

-Small piece of chocolate

-Fried (I left that part off yesterday didn't I?!) chicken sandwich
-Chips & salsa

Iced tea
Giant cookie

-Innumerable slices of pizza
-2 beers

Ice cream

Approximate calories? 4,000. Am I joking? Sadly, no.

How do I feel today? Like a bloated whale. Today I'm trying to regain control. It's completely INSANE to eat that much food. After lunch yesterday, I would have been satisfied for the rest of the day, BUT NO. I had to KEEP EATING as though my life depended on it.

I was given this body to carry me around for my lifetime and instead of caring for it like the precious vessel it is, I abuse the shit out of it every day. I'm just pissing myself off, that's all!

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