Friday, May 15, 2009

The Law of Threes

They say that deaths come in threes, and I have to say, I think "they" are right. Without going into detail (because it's depressing and who needs to read more boo hoo entries about how lives -- astoundingly -- continue to end every day?) I will say three people died this week who I've never met but who affected me in some way. One can never know how much one's actions, even in death, may affect others.

And that's enough about that!

Today I ate dinner with my parents at a new joint in SJ called Mama's Curry whose only fault is that they use styrofoam plates & other containers, which I simply think is environmental murder at this point. My parents discovered this place yesterday and liked it so much they wanted to take me there today. This is their first real foray into Indian food and they're finding they like it quite a bit. My dad had trouble learning that naan is pronounced NON and not NANE like Maine, but he'll get it someday.

Today I began using what will heretofore become part of my everyday vocabulary, thanks to Tina Fey. And that is: "S that D. Shut it down." Dear Tina Fey, please adopt me and let me follow you around with a notebook and comb your hair and clean your eyeglasses. Also, I will be saying, "Dealbreaker," probably more often than anyone wants to hear it.

Today I watched a group of middle school kids put on a musical and it struck me how much potential some of these mini adults have. I wonder if all teachers see the light shining brighter in some students and not so much in others, as terrible as that may sound.

Today I left the lunch I brought to work in the fridge and went out instead.

Today I overslept by an hour and 15 minutes and was late to work.

Today I offered my condolences to two people who lost family members close to them.

Today I laughed easily in spite of hardships.

Happy Friday. S that D. Shut it down.

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