Monday, April 20, 2009

No Name to Take Over 105.3 Morning Show

Update! According to The Poop, No Name, aka Mike Nelson, will be the new host of 105.3's morning show, which will be called, creatively, The No Name Show.

I will tidily skip over how I think the name "No Name" sucks and the title "The No Name Show" sucks even harder, because better kvetchers than I have gone there before so I'll let it rest. No Name, as you may remember, was once co-host of the morning show at Alice 97.3, before he was unceremoniously booted off, presumably for being unrelatable to the show's mainly female listeners. Now previously ex-communicated Vinnie has been reinstated as Sarah's whipping boy of the moment at that particular station.

I could never quite decide if I liked No Name or not. It irritated me when he would talk about shit and vomit at 7 a.m. So, I think he'll probably fit in well with the mainly male listeners at 105.3, provided he's a good little rule follower. As we know, his predecessors, Woody, Tony & Ravey, were axed for playing a 30 second clip of a new Greenday song. Which, LAME.

Woody seems to know about No Name's hiring, although he has little to say about it, judging by his Twitter feed. He's said to have already moved to St. Louis for another gig.

Interestingly, both 97.3 and 105.3's offices are housed in the same building in SF, so I am thinking there could be some awkward hallway encounters. Best of luck, DJs!


  1. You write a bit more coherently than No Name speaks.

    Mike Nelson, aka "No Name," is (I'm positive) a great guy to know in-person. But he's no morning show host. As second fiddle to Sarah on the Alice morning show, No Name was an annoying exclamation point, often heard from a bit too often. His incomplete, incoherent, illiterate sentences were the rule, not the exception. They were soul stealing.

    If the current "Big Show" format sticks (music, commercial, No Name verbal barf, Greg's news), then what the heck was the point? I'm looking forward to his first guest interview. "I mean, like, bro, you know, LITERALLY..."


  2. Awesome! Definitely disagree with anonymous above, No Name brings a humorous polarizing filter to any subject he addresses. Granted, he does this in an abrupt and occasionally crude manner, but this delivery manages to stake a position and mock it at the same time.

    It will be interesting to see how they corral No Name- he's definitely color commentary and needs a straight-man (or woman) to play off of. He might need a female partner to balance his testosterone-driven musings.

  3. So sad to hear that woody is not on anymore but even sadder that they replaces him with no-name. are they serious? he is pathetic and annoying to listen to and just cannot provide the content that the woody show had. I have decidely switched to alices sarah and vinnie for my morning commute listening.