Monday, April 20, 2009

Heat wave

Hubs insisted that my rash needed ultraviolet light in order to dry itself out, and being the obedient wife I am, I put on a skimpy tank top and some stretch pants (it was quite a sight to behold) and gardened for a few hours in the back yard on Saturday. I came away with a burned rash. After washing up, we noshed on Lunardi's sandwiches (decent) and then watched Terminator 2, since Hubs is on a mission to get me to watch all of the Terminator movies before the newest Terminator movie with that maniac, Christian Bale, comes out. It was good. Better than expected, I guess?

We've been watching the TV show, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and the nerds are all in a tizzy over the finale. What was that plane thing? Was the plane part of Shirley Manson? If so, since when can liquid metal become a mechanical object? Was the whole thing a ruse by the liquid to get John into the future? If so, why? It's all highly dorky. But it's definitely kept my interest.

Sunday was spent trying not to be hot. We set a heat record in SJ yesterday and expect to set another one today. I decided to go on my semi-annual shopping trip to find some much-needed tops and jeans. I found the desired objects, but not without several painful (and hilarious) moments in various dressing rooms. Also yesterday, I tried a Wallaby Darned, a peach bellini from Outback Steakhouse. Totally delicious, although the alcohol content is questionable. Those places always screw you on alcohol.

Congrats on surviving Monday! I'm biding my time til Wednesday. Wine country, here we come!

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