Thursday, April 30, 2009

The brave souls of Ladytron

Tonight, we're going to see Ladytron and The Faint at The Fillmore. I told this to a coworker and she says, "Ladywha?" Ladytron, baby. Ladytron. Learn it, live it, love it. It's electronica. E-lec-tron-ica. I'm sure I'll enjoy the concert, since I enjoy the music, but I'm a little worried about the fans. Will they murder me on the spot if I wear an argyle sweater to the show?

I'm also worried about the fans having SWINE FLU. Faagghghhh. I honestly don't even want to go out in public and get breathed on by the infected masses. And to make matters worse, one of the guys we're supposed to go to the concert with has the fucking flu! Hubs went to his house to drop off his tickets yesterday, and the guy has quarantined himself in his bedroom so his cousin (also going to the concert) accepted the tickets. Hubs didn't sit down and didn't touch anything while he was there. He came home afterward with his hands held up, surgeon-style, and went straight to the sink to wash.

Our sick friend says he called his doctor and told him he has the flu, but his doctor saw no need for him to be tested for swine flu. Um. Ok. Is his doctor aware that we are on the brink of a pandemic here? One of the women at my work thought she had the flu and her doctor tested her for swine flu immediately. She was negative, thankfully. The point being that that is the response you would expect from your doctor during times such as these, no?

Gahr. So I am not sure if Ladytron is aware of the swine flu situation here in the Bay. If they are, perhaps they have taken precautions, and maybe they'll wear face masks to the concert tonight! That would be cool. I'd like to wear a face mask tonight. Actually, I'd like to wear a bunny suit tonight and then be sprayed down with bleach when it's all over.

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