Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Complete mush

At some point over the weekend I was watching PBS and there was a doctor giving some kind of presentation about mental health or something. She told a story about how while sitting in the backyard one day, a large black butterfly landed on a bright yellow bush.
"That is today's gift," her young son said.
These things are important to notice and acknowledge. If we go through a day without knowing at the end of that day what that day's gift was, we had blinders on, the doctor said.
Her story resonated with me because I'm a born day-dreamer who'll use any excuse to pause in my work and appreciate something else. I remembered her story while I was driving back from an inspection and gazing out the window I noticed billows of clouds backlit by the sun. The rain would come again later, but for the time being, there were these beautiful puffs of clouds in the sky, and I realized that was the day's gift.

So yes. That is your mush for the day.

Other than that I've been doing some housekeeping on my "favorites" list. There are several blogs I read that are A) becoming boring (socialites who blog about their dogs and remodeling the house in New Canaan get real old, real fast) or B)aren't getting updated frequently or regularly enough. If I could rely on some of these bloggers to update, say, every Friday, that would be one thing. I'm getting irritated with their "Sorry I suck at blogging" posts, so guess what? They're OUTTA here! I bet they care. A lot.

By the way, someone told me that Jason Mesnick signed a contract in which he'd agreed that if he was going to break up with the woman he chose on the show, that he would do it on television. If he didn't I suppose he would have been in breach of his contract. In which case: Jason, I officially apologize, but you're still a douchebag for signing that contract.

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