Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Today I spent a considerable amount of time with one of my vendors. His wife is due to give birth to a boy on the 23rd, and they've already got a 2-year-old girl.

He explained the moment when his wife told him she was pregnant for the first time. He was sitting around the house, and announced, "I'm bored." She replied, "I'm pregnant."

Wow, suddenly not bored!

He went on to wax poetic about his kid and how wonderful it is, yada yada, the best thing he's ever done, great and everything, loody doody.

And then he said, "But I totally respect people who don't want to have kids."


This is sort of a surprising statement from the parent of a toddler. I rarely hear this sort of statement. Rather, I hear kind of the opposite.

Yeah I want kids some day, but I want to decide when and how and all that and I feel like the kid thing is constantly being shoved down my throat. Can I please decide when and if to destroy my vagina?



  1. Oh no, I get it. Kids are the love of my life speech, la-dee-da. Am I tired? No, I'm freakin exhausted. See these bags under my eyes? They're never going away. They've been there too long. My permanent bags to go with my permanent luggage. But I sure do love the luggage.

    Thanks for stopping by. Did you Statcounter me? If so, I'm sure you've noticed I've been lurking for a bit. I really like your style and you're hilarious. I'm rambling, I'll be around...

  2. I did see your blog on my counter, so went for a visit. I'm officially lurking, too. Lurking: sincerest form of flattery, I think. ;-)
    I'm waiting to hear what the big secret is!